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We hear about terrible and often fatal motor vehicle accidents on the news every night. What we don’t hear so much about is the shocking long and short term impact these accidents have on people’s lives as they try to physically and mentally recover from their ordeals.

Our case studies will give you an idea of the types of motor vehicle accident claims that have been successful. Every individual case is different, which is why we offer a free initial consultation. This is all about helping you to know where you stand.

Motor vehicle accident claim – case study 1

Our client, Mary, was cycling along a busy suburban street when a vehicle suddenly cut across her path and collided with her. Mary fell from her bike and onto the ground sustaining a series of fractures and abrasions. The driver of the vehicle stopped briefly but did not assist Mary in any way before  fleeing the scene, unidentified.

Mary’s injuries needed significant medical treatment and she was unable to work for several months. With our support, Mary then pursued a claim against the Nominal Defendant for compensation. The Nominal Defendant is the official insurer of unidentified vehicles in Queensland. Mary’s ongoing rehabilitation was funded by the Nominal Defendant. Mary, was able to successfully win her case and claim compensation.

Motor vehicle accident claim – case study 2

Our client, John, was driving his children to school when he stopped at a red light. Barry, who was driving a utility behind John’s vehicle, was not paying due care and attention. Barry hit his brakes suddenly to avoid colliding with the rear of John’s vehicle.

The two vehicles did not collide. However, Barry was carrying a load of timber which was poorly secured to his utility. The load of timber was thrown through the rear window of John’s car causing injuries to John’s children. When John, with our support, began a motor vehicle accident claim, the compulsory third party insurer of Barry’s vehicle admitted fault. They accepted that Barry’s negligent driving and funded rehabilitation for John and his children.

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