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Accidents can happen anywhere or anytime on public and private property, on land or at sea or even in the sky. If you have suffered a personal injury because the owner or occupier of land or premises has failed in their duty to take reasonable care, then you may well have a public liability accident claim.

These case studies will give you an idea of the types of claims that have been successful. Every individual case is different, which is why we offer a free initial consultation It’s all about helping you to know where you stand.

Public liability injury – case study 1

Our client, Regina, slipped and fell at her local grocery store on a spill that had been left on the floor either by previous customers or staff. Regina received fractures to both arms. The store had no systems in place for inspecting and cleaning the store.

The court found that a reasonable store owner should have had better systems in place which would have prevented the accident. With our support, Regina received damages for her loss of income and her inability to return to work in her previous job as a factory hand. The court also awarded her damages for the medical care provided to her as a result of the accident.

Public Liability injury – case study 2

Our client, Mark, went to a restaurant to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Mark fell down a flight of stairs that lead into the restaurant. The stairs into the restaurant were poorly lit, they did not have a handrail and were of differing heights and widths.

The court found that a reasonable occupier of such a commercial premises would have rectified these problems. Both the landlord and restaurant owner were found liable to compensate Mark for his injuries.

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