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Workplaces are meant to be environments that are safe and secure. There are few things more distressing than an injury sustained in the workplace. Workplace injuries run the entire spectrum from a fall at work that leaves you with lingering pain, to a car accident on the way to or from work.

A workplace injury can impact your entire life and leave you worried about finances and future employment. We understand what you and your family is going through.

From a pulled muscle in an office to a catastrophic building site industry, we can help you to understand your rights in this complex area of the law.

You have a right to a safe workplace and if you have been injured during the course of your work because of an employer’s or co-worker’s negligence, your rights are protected by law.

At Queensland Compensation Lawyers we are experts at fighting for your rights.

In times of physical pain, stress, worry and financial uncertainty, it is comforting to know just how many rights you do have.

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